Tirukural, the Great Tamil Standard Specifies Human Virtues in 1330 Verses – An Evaluation Using Ten Verses


Tirukural- the Tamil Veda (HOLY PUBLICATION) was created 2000 years back therefore its writer Saint Tiruvalluvar was a modern to Jesus Christ. The contents of Tirukural apply also for modern reasoning and also education. Kural methods any kind of quick knowledgeable. The title ‘Tiru’ (or Thiru) is added as a sign of regard to both the knowledgeables and the poet. For brevity, it is pointed out in some locations as Kural and also Valluvar specifically. Tirukural comes from SANGAM LITERARY WORKS of Tamil songs. Tamil Sangam suggests an organization of found out Tamil Scholars of Madurai, the erstwhile resources of PANDYA kingdom where, created jobs of poets were identified after fantastic analysis as well as testimonial by eminent Tamil scholars. Tirukural is one such literal job recognised amongst 18 books by Sangam throughout the initial century B.C. Tirukural has actually been translated in all major languages of the world. As a matter of fact, Rev Father G.U.Pope was impressed substantially by its Latin translation and ventured to equate it in English. He compared the saying of Tiruvalluvar “All the living beings are birthed equal”( pirappokkum ella uyirkkum) to the teaching in Scriptures.


There are 1330 verses in toto in 133 phases of 10 verses each on various topics.
This article deals with just what Tiruvalluvar has to state regarding EDUCATION. The ten knowledgeables he has written about education and learning type couplets 391 to 400, i.e. the 40th chapter which drops under the group of Materialism. This is not a word to word translation, however a writing on the subject how Bliss can be obtained in one birth itself by getting the high worth of Education during one’s life time.

1. (Kural 391 onwards): one must discover whatever has to be found out without any fault. Once such knowing is total, he should live inning accordance with the lessons he has actually already learnt real to the spirit of understanding. Perfect learning, lacking all errors as well as questions, is the basis of education. One should be clear about all elements in the subject chosen. Much more notably, there should not be any kind of question regarding the questions that may occur at a later date even after the education is finished. Only such an education and learning might make one fit for higher self. Likewise, on completion of education and learning, one must never ever deviate from the path guided by education and learning. Thus such a high value to education, despite the picked field of occupation such as medication, law, design, and also what not!

2. Numbers (which develop a part of arithmetical knowledge) and Alphabets (which are the basis of actual knowledge) are to be thought about as two eyes for living beings.

3. Just enlighten people are considered as having Vision. The ignorant do not have ‘eyes’, but have just 2 leaks in the area of eyes. Without education and learning, the supposed eyes will serve no purpose in any way. Is it not real that vision is the most crucial physical building of a human being, only by use of which one can think of the entire physical Universe? Education and learning is as compared to this special residential or commercial property of the living person through these 2 Kurals

4. Even friendship is given a new interpretation amongst those who are well-read. Their conference and common discussions each time refers excellent enjoyment and delight when they part with each other there is an excellent yearning to reunite.

5 An informed person is abundant in all facets because he remains in ownership of understanding, when compared to an uneducated person that needs to bow with all humility as he remains in the most affordable cadre of the society.

6. A great deal of similes are made use of to bring home these points. Understanding is compared with water that springs from muddy land. A water fish pond will sparkling water in proportion to the extent it is dug as well as in the same way expertise will certainly boost considerably as one learns deeply.

7. For an informed person, every town is his very own community and every country is his nation. “Then why one is persistently wasting his life until death without education?” Tiruvalluvar wonders.

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