It is Time to Quit Using Marijuana


I know a lot of people including myself who have smoked marijuana for a lengthy period of time. I am aware that quitting marijuana is a difficult choice to make and also a stunning change in ones life. I made a decision to quit smoking bud and it is one of the hardest thing I have ever had to do. I like many other people out there is hooked to bud but failed to realize it. Smoking bud gives you a top which I craved almost just after stopping. I had to adjust to this shift that stopping brings and also the cravings that followed. Although I was committed fully it didn’t create the process simpler. What I realized was that if I had been serious about shifting my life that I needed to be committed and eager to handle most the challenges that falling my habit will throw .

After stopping marijuana I knew that if I didn’t throw everything related to bud I would not succeed in quitting. I pulled out all my pipes, newspapers, bongs and anything else that will lure me back into my old methods. If you are seriously interested in changing your own life you will want to do the same task and utilize all the willpower which you may find on your own. Quitting is not easy and it will take loans of work to stay

Another wonderful method which allowed me to get fresh was to meet new people that failed to smoke marijuana or do any other drugs. While I was going through the entire process of stopping that I was still always hanging out with my friends that smoked bud and that made the procedure far harder. I understood if I was likely to successfully stop smoking weed I would need to find a brand new group of friends that wouldn’t need bud around and tempt me to falling back into my old ways. I am not saying that you have to cut out all your friends that smoke pot but it’s a fantastic idea to just take a rest from them for a short time.

Taking a break from those you realize smoke bud still may help you stay clean. Once you think that you are done smoking pot for good and therefore are 100% positive that you won’t fall back because of peer pressure it is possible to speak to these buddies. Also what is essential to know is the fact that real friends won’t hurt your chances of getting clean. Very good friends will encourage your change and won’t cause you to really feel bad for wanting to stop smoking bud. The decision to stop smoking bud should not be dismissed lightly and is just a challenging thing to take but with hard work and commitment that you are able to and can succeed. I know from personal experience it will be difficult but am also certain that it might be done. Get tidy today and get your own life back in order.

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