Anna Maria Island, Florida: Hollywood of the Gulf Coast


For at least 60 decades, Anna Maria Island was a celebrity. The island’s most magnificent white sand and turquoise waters have regularly been used by Hollywood movie producers to produce the perfect beach scenes. A number of the greatest icons in Hollywood have graced the shores of AMI, but it’s easy to find the island would be the actual star solarmovie.


The island doesn’t permit high-rise hotels, which retains the shores much less crowded. Majestic sunsets, high quality quartz sand and non predictable Gulf waves create the Island and its surrounding waters an ideal selection for filming.

Listed below are a Couple of of the movies captured on Anna Maria Island which you May Have heard or seen of:
The movie throw Hollywood legend Esther Williams as the lead to among of her notorious swimsicals, movies that combined her leading acting, swimming and singing. The movie also contained icon Jimmy Durante. The storyline of this film centers around a love triangle onto a army base in the Hawaiian Islands. AMI, seamlessly attracts its role within an exotic island destination from the movie, just because it continues to perform daily in real life. Ladies, feel free to become swooning. That is right Denzel Washington conducted the beaches of Anna Maria Island while filming the 2003 MGM movie “Out of Time.” Floribbean restaurant Banana Cabana proudly boosts that they had been host to Denzel’s thank you dinner to the “Out of Time” team members.
The Perfect Storm: If Denzel is not a Large enough heartthrob for you, just about George Clooney or even Mark Walberg? The 2000 Warner Brothers film The Perfect Storm was partly filmed on off the shore of Anna Maria Island.

You do not have to be a film producer to catch the attractiveness of AMI. The best movies shot on the island will always be house films. Even though it’s great to see AMI about the silver screen, the civilization of this island hasn’t been around the limelight. It is about friends and families enjoying among the world’s most glorious shore settings

a quiet, relaxed surroundings. So make sure you bring your own camera.



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